Solar Panels Dallas Texas

Solar Panels Dallas Texas - Whole house  solar panel system.
Solar Panels Dallas Texas

Are you looking for solar panels Dallas Texas? If so then you have come to the right place. Here at Solar Panel Systems of Dallas Texas we strive to give you the latest in technology when it comes to a whole house solar energy system with battery backup. You will never be without electricity to keep everything in your house running.

Whole House Energy System

When we say whole house energy system that is exactly what you get. While other solar energy companies supply you with solar for your rooftop we go a step further. Battery backup gives you the ability to power everything in your house if there is a power grid failure or if you should lose electricity for any reason at all. While your neighbor is sitting in the dark at night you carry on as if nothing has happened. That is the advantage of having a whole house energy system.

The energy system we design for you will be operating 24 hours a day 7 days a week and 365 days a year. That is what a whole house solar energy system gives to you. That is true protection for everyone in your family. Your air conditioner and refrigerator keep right on running. Now that is true peace of mind!

More Than Just A Solar Panel System

Yes, you will have the latest in solar design for your whole house. No more having lights, television, cable and internet shutting down on you. Your neighbors that have a solar system will have these things at night. Sure, during the daylight hours their solar system is working fine, come night they are running around the house with flashlights. Their solar salesman conveniently forgot to tell them about battery backup.

EMP Protection For Your Whole House

Our company supplies you with an electromagnetic protection shielding device also known as EMP Shield. An EMP Shield for your house is designed to protect everything, yes everything from lightning, solar flares, power surges, and electromagnetic pulses. An electromagnetic pulse happens when a nuclear bomb is detonated in the atmosphere. Let’s hope this never happens, but your whole house is protected.

Solar Panels Dallas Texas is your whole house solar system provider.

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