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Hi, my name is Bill. I am just one person building the best solar site I can. The process of purchasing a whole house solar panel system is a big confusing step.

You may have gotten several bids, in my case 7 very different bids. Prices vary by as much as $25,000 (Twenty-Five Thousand Dollars). Every sales person said their equipment was the best. We both know this is not TRUE!

I just cannot understand how a $25,000 complete solar system can be better then the top quote of $50,000 I got. Every one of the salesmen said the same thing. “There system was the best.”

If you’re trying to find information about solar panels then you have come to the best destination. Mark this site down for the future as we are just getting started here in July 2022.

This new resource will be offering an outline for every person who is taking into consideration the idea of going solar. It addresses whatever you need to know when investing in a solar power systems.

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If not, here is what you should know before you get quotes for your new system from solar panels, to parts and prices.

What Is Solar Power?

Solar resource for the United States. The redder it is the better!
The more red it is the brighter the sun shines. The southwest gets 5 or more hours of sun shine daily.

Solar power is the capacity to turn energy from the sun into useful electricity. Sunlight is either directly utilized as thermal energy, being heat, or through the use of photovoltaic cells in solar panels.

Solar electric or photovoltaics (PV) technology turns the sun’s rays directly into electrical energy. Solar can provide electricity for domestic and commercial buildings, including energy for safety and security lights to air conditioning. It can also produce energy for pumping water, electrifying fences, as well as oxygenating garden ponds. 

Some people like to light up driveways, sidewalks, and spotlights outside their house for safety. Many times these outdoor lights have motion sensors so they only come on when their is activity like driving a car into the driveway. 

Solar Panels Brings Power To The Masses

Solar has many uses and is on its way to power more and more as the efficiently increases.

Large solar farms now power towns and entire cities. Solar panels power many of the satellite’s that circle the earth and are in outer space. As long as they are getting the suns rays they will have electrical power. The United States Space Agency, NASA has been using solar panels dating back to the 1960’s.

New Discovery – Solar Panels Work At Night Or While Raining

Solar panels collect the sun's rays and turn them into electric power.
Solar Panels Bring Power Around The World

Solar panels can typically just produce electrical power when the sun is shining. However brand-new innovations in technology are transforming that.

Researchers have actually established solar (photovoltaic) panels that can work in the dark and be powered by rain. These advancements could very well transform solar into a 24-hour energy resource, assisting with the planet’s switch to net-zero emissions.

The most significant complication with solar energy is that the sun’s rays doesn’t constantly shine on them. PV panels can not generate energy in the dark, when it’s cloudy or raining until now. How would you like to be able to count on them as a round-the-clock 24 hour supply for electrical energy?

This is a challenge scientists around the globe have already been wrestling with, and some are now developing ingenious methods to overcome this problem.